Eyelid Surgery

Achieve a Less Tired and More Youthful Appearance

What Is an Eyelid Lift

An eyelid lift, or otherwise known as blepharoplasty, can be used to solve many issues with aging effects on the eyelids such as excess sagging or wrinkled lower and upper eyelids. In addition to cosmetic purposes, this procedure can also be done to help improve field of vision if sagging upper eyelids are blocking some of the view. But typically an eyelid lift is performed to eliminate puffiness in the eyelids to produce a more youthful or less tired appearance.

How Is an Eyelid Lift Performed

The procedure is an outpatient procedure performed under sedation and general anesthesia. We hide the incision by making it where natural crease occurs in the eyelid. Then excess skin and fat are removed. On lower eyelids, sometimes the incision is made on the interior side of the eyelid to hide the incision.

What Is the Recovery Time

Recovery time is typically quick and pain-free for our patients. After the procedure, you’ll need to rest at home for a day or two. Most patients will be back to normal and be able to resume daily activities within 3 to 5 days. After 2 weeks, you will feel and look completely back to normal, but there will still be some healing that is occurring. We will prescribe staying away from strenuous activity or exercise for several weeks after the surgery. We’ll provide you with thorough instructions for your recovery process and our staff is always available to assist post surgery.

Schedule a Consultation

During the consultation process, we’ll discuss the concerns you have and answer all questions. Your body and health are of the utmost importance to us and we encourage you to ask as many questions as you can. We also have imaging technology that can be used so that you can see what the result will look like with varying degrees of correction performed. Dr. Holdredge has over 30 years of plastic surgery experience and has performed 1,000s of eyelid lifts with fantastic results.

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